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ZeroSnake's News

Posted by ZeroSnake - May 19th, 2016


// Hey guys this is HUGE; my project "UNRIVALED" just went live on AMAZON!! Easily formatted for kindles, tablets, and phones. Over 100+ pages of manga; + bonus gallery!!! Please support this indie project; NG has always held a special place in my heart so I'm psyched to be sharing it with you guys. Please share this posts with your friends; since this is my FIRST release; I'm counting on you just to leave supportive reviews! Thanks to everyone who followed the project thus far!!!


ONLY $9.99




_ Facebook.com/ArtistZeroSnake

Posted by ZeroSnake - February 15th, 2015

Hey guys my new graphic novel project "Unrivaled" is now LIVE: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zerosnake/unrivaled-vol1 



I got some dope prizes up for grabs; even a chance to appear in the book itself. Don't have the money yet? No worries you won't be charged a dime until Mar 17th and that's only if we meet our goal to get these bad boys printed! Pledges start as low as $1 so skip buying that Arizona ice tea and grab yourself some goods! Get signed posters and books, canvas work, and even have your likeness added into the book! 

There's plenty to love, so please [please] spread the word, and pledge. Let's make this book make it's home on your bookshelf!




_Be Unrivaled, ZeroSnake




Posted by ZeroSnake - June 2nd, 2014

Hey gang, I got a fun new clip for you guys's eye candy stash.

I'm sad to say A!M ep.3's Kickstarter was unsuccessful, but there is still hope to invest in the project and help me get a spot at anime conventions. 

Here's the video enjoy! :


[There were a few questions about the funding goal that I wanted to address from my previous post. The questions were was the $10,000 needed then compared it to other flash animated projects? Well the money would've went into finishing A!M ep.3 and beginning production on A!M ep.4 (since I'd need footage for the next ep preview), as well as help me gain back the money I invested in prizes such as custom figurines and T-shirts which were everything but free. Also as you can guess its a lot of work for one animator, so as I mentioned before I wanted to hire other capable animatiors and background artist with a potential 3D background for certain scenes. when you finally factor in paying voice actors, and those who stuck with my project and spent hours of work, and convention promotions and banners; at the end of the day most of the money would already be accounted for. People compared the project to Kirbopher's TOME Kickstarter, a series that I personally enjoy and recently gotten unto, and I personally hope that whatever his goal is that he made it. Respectfully every team has their own goals and reasons for their funding, with kickstarters such as "Little Witch Academia [ep] 2" and animated short "Santa Company" I thought "A!M" would best fit along side those projects. Anywho thanks for listening to my reasoning, I hope it celared up all and any question, peace and I hope that you enjoy the clip and concider heading over to http://www.zerosnake.net/#!support/cber .]

_ Love, peace, and chicken grease





Posted by ZeroSnake - May 4th, 2014

Hey gang, ZeroSnake here showing off my animated web series "A!M".

This is my first KickStarter project so I really made a push to grab some really cool prizes.

First off the KickStarter link can be found here:



For ep.3 I want to produce an even better watching experience that the first two.

Here are some links to clips from the project:


I hope you like what you see and support.

Please share, that will be my key to success.


#SharingIsCaring [lol]


_Snake 3009173_139923800711_Morefight39.jpg

Posted by ZeroSnake - February 9th, 2014



Hey gang this is a bit new to me but I got TWO new interviews that came out back to back.

The first being from New York social community AfroPunk:





The next came from a fellow Newgrounder "StrayDg" where I took on questions for his blog:



for those that don't know my worl, thats cool here is a small demo reel:


Also I hit over 6,000 likeson my FB page! WHOO!







_ Check out the new ZeroSnake.net

Posted by ZeroSnake - January 24th, 2014

Hey Newgrounds I have quite the update for you guys. My webseries A!M's second episode is now out on NG go check it out, it picks up the pace from the first one so I really hope it's a treat to you all.





Also I know have my own URL with an all new site, a few things I have in the works like a new demoreel, donation page and things of that nature. If anyone has some tips on what I should add that would be great. The new site is:

zerosnake.net [has a nice little ring to it lol]



Finally I have some slick new T's the quality came out amazing! I have a small quanity left so grab one while you can, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Grab yours here:




A!M ep.3 is well underway and is proving to be the best thing I have ever animated putting its previous episodes to shame, I hope you all "fav" me and follow my progress for this series, thank you NG you rock!

Posted by ZeroSnake - January 13th, 2014

Hey everyone I just uploaded my animation //Fireworks//  it's actually my favorite animation I got out of my comfort zone and made something completely different instead of action it a love story instead of smooth animation its an animatic, so yeah its a bit different, but it ended up having a place in my favorites and I hope it does the same for you.







Posted by ZeroSnake - January 10th, 2014

Hey guys, ZeroSnake here and I so happy to bring A!M to NG's table! NG has held a special place in my heart for years now and is honestly the reason why I got flash in the first place [to be able to produce swfs files]. So I get a warm fuzzy feeling everytime I press the upload button on here.

_ So now that NG allows creators to upload video files [not only swf] I am finally able to upload A!M's complete first episode!

Please check it out and please please please remember to vote, the first 24 hours really make or break a submission. I hope you all enjoy I spent an immense amount of work on this episode. :3




http://zerosnake.newgrounds.com/follow [<--Follow me on good ole' NG]


Posted by ZeroSnake - November 5th, 2013

Hey cool cats, these past few days have been great for my art/animation. I'm here to share a new trailer for my flash animated series "A!M". If you dig it, please share it [seriously, it helps me more than know].

//Check it out here//


If you dig the project, follow it on facebook:

The first two episodes are out, and I am currently working on episode 3 [most shots from this trailer are from that/upcoming episodes]

I would love to share the A!M on facebook, but I have yet to find a way to convert a video file to .swf where I am happy with the results.

Anywho "TAKE A!M" I have a lot of things planned for this project, kickstarter coming soon [with amazing prizes]!!!


//NEW flash ANIME trailer// Pretty D*MN slick!!!

Posted by ZeroSnake - July 21st, 2013

Hey cool cats I'm looking for a song that I can use for my animation "Fireworks: Final Mix"
I had to use a random song "Luv Letter- DJ Okawari" for the live premiere for the animation because of the dead line.
But for it's youtube release I want to use a song that I can use legally so I can run an ad on the video [plus I like slowing off songs that aren't as well known].
So here is the animation:

I want to replace it with a song with a similar feel, anyone know and artist on the audio portal or is an artist with a song that I can use for this? thanks!

~Looking for an ORIGINAL SONG to replace in short animation!~ :D